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Témoignages des "counselors"
"Little Big Land has allowed me to develop my skills as counselor and working as a group whilst being in contact with very motivated children...valuable learning experience for both staff and children."

"We could clearly see that the English level of most kids had improved. This was a very rewarding feeling."

What does it mean to be a counselor?

At Little Big Land, we rely on everyone to create the best possible experience for our participants.

Our camp counselors (also named activity leaders), come from all over the world and have had direct contact with the English-Speaking-World in order to offer the most authentic experience possible.

Who is eligible?

Our requirements are pretty straightforward – in order to be eligible to become a counselor, you must have lived in an English-speaking country for a significant period of time (min. one semester).

Whether you are a French citizen having lived in an English-speaking country or environment or a Native speaker, what matters is your personality, your teamworking skills and your dedication to sharing experiences with French children and teenagers.


- Over 18.
- Having lived in an English-speaking country or environment for a minimum of one semester.
- Displaying proper teamworking skills.
- Experience with working in a camp environment preferred.

What position can I apply for?

Village director

- French BAFD or equivalent. We accept interns/stagiaires.
- Fluent English (C1 min.).
- Leadership and Cooperation skills.
- Over 21.

Native Counselor

As a native speaker, it is preferred for you to have already had camp experiences. Teaching experiences are also valuable as they attest to your ability to adapt to French children and teenagers.

For those of you who have never worked in a camp environment, this is a demanding position which is exceptionally rewarding on personal and human levels.
You would have to remember to make yourself understandable and be capable of organizing a wide range of different activities and projects throughout the week(s).

BAFA Counselor (or “stagiaires”)

Required: BAFA diploma or training.
French applicants may also apply to our camps if they display perfect linguistic skills along with their counselor-related training.
Everything related to being a proper counselor applies to our camps, with the addition of English being the official (and exclusive) language.

Health Assistant

Required: PSC1 diploma (or equivalent/superior diploma).
The Health assistant is here to help the director in taking care of all the medical requirements of our counselors.
Using the medical logs or folder, you make sure all the participants take their personal treatments, are here for small injuries and can help with psychological support when needed.
This is a complicated position which is both mandatory and rewarded financially.

« Free » Counselor (or “stagiaires”)

French applicants who display exceptional linguistic and camp-related skills are also welcome if positions are available. Every year, we work along a couple of you who have never had the opportunity to pass your BAFA diploma yet are perfectly responsible, competent, funny and team-oriented. As such, if you believe you are one of those rare gems, feel free to apply!

How to apply?

You’ve made it through the requirements and are interested? Perfect, we’d be happy to hear more about you.

Download the Program Information, a PDF document you are required to read.

- Send us your resume and a short introduction by e-mail at :

If you are sure that you would be a great team member and would like to skip the second step, feel free to download the Application Forms and to fill them out directly.

Any questions ?

- Contact us by e-mail at
- You can call us directly if you are bold enough to speak over the phone : +332 47 35 96 85
- We could treat you to a cup of coffee or tea if you feel like coming directly to our office. The address is : 4 Place de la Victoire, 37000 TOURS
Just come in and ask for Thomas Martins.

Last minute tips and tricks

- No answer from us? Call again. Send another e-mail. Come directly.
You are not the only applicant and we may not have received your previous call or e-mail. Same goes the other way around.
- French administration is (sometimes) complicated to work around. Let us try to anticipate as much as possible.
- Questions regarding your Visa? Contact us directly.
Yes, it is possible to extend it under certain circumstances. Yes, it is possible to work with most visas.
- Don’t feel bad for not being sure about your availabilities. Flexibility is mandatory from both sides, there is always time to adapt and find solutions.

And never forget to have fun and being yourself! That’s the most important trump card.